How to get to the Stupa

Google Map of the route

Simple directions:

From County Road T, just before it makes a sharp left to go into the town of Crestone, make a right on Camino Baca Grande into the Baca Grande subdivision. Keep going to the end of the road.

Detailed landmarks:

2.5 miles: End of pavement. Keep going straight.

3.6 miles: Camino Baca Grande forks off on a little-used road to the right. Keep to the left. The road name changes to Dreamway.

4.2 miles: Pass Shumei International Institute on the left (Point B on the map). Keep going straight through the old gate.

5.0 miles: At the end of the road turn left. Proceed a short distance past the water tower. You can either park here and hike up to the stupa (about a 20 minute walk) or continue driving across the creek and up the stupa road to the parking lot just above the stupa.