How to Use the Dharma Practice Calendar


In Tibetan Buddhism and many other ancient traditions, different practices are said to be more effective if performed during particular phases of the lunar cycle. The Tibetan calendar is a lunar calendar based on the phases of the moon. However, since the phase of the moon is based on the relative positions of the sun and moon to the earth, and not on the spinning of the earth, a particular phase such as full moon happens at the same instant, regardless of where the observer is on the planet. That instant could be 6pm on Sunday for one observer, and 6am on Monday for another. Therefore a Tibetan calendar that is calculated in India or Tibet may not be very precise in predicting the best time to practice in another part of the world.

We offer here a calendar that gives precise times corresponding to the Tibetan days-of-the-month that are generally prescribed for various practices.

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How to Read the Calendar

The calendar shows the normal western calendar with the days of the month in the upper right hand corner of each square. The Tibetan day or days (there could be one, two or none on each western day) is shown with a time and the day number. The time is when the lunar aspect indicated by the Tibetan day number starts. If you click on the event in the calendar, you can see more information, such as the Tibetan month (in both Tibetan calendar systems) and information on eclipses if relevant.

Practice Tips

For a practice that is prescribed for the Tibetan 15th (Full Moon) day, for example, you may do the practice any time between the time indicated for the 15th and the start of the 16th. Generally speaking, it is advantageous to do the practice toward the end of the period, that is, in this example, closer to the peak of the full moon. (The time shown for the 16th is the exact time of the full moon, the time for the 1st is the exact time of the new moon.)


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Further information

For fascinating background information about this calendar, including a list of Buddhist practices for each date, consult Michael Erlewine's Dharma Practice Calendar: 150-Year Buddhist Lunar Calendar, available at or online as a PDF.


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